Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Are All Getting Healthy!

You can't see the numbers on their lower calves, but Savanah, Eli, Nathaniel, and Zachary each sported a number as they competed in their second triathlon. Savanah finished in 3rd place for the 12 year olds, Eli in 3rd for the 10 year olds (out of 20 kids), Nathaniel 1st for the 8-7 year olds (about 20 kids), and Zach lost his first place standing to Nathaniel, but it was a great race.

First they swam (Savanah did 6 laps, finishing this leg in first place a whole lap in front of all the other competitors, who happened to all be boys).

Then the transition. (Nathaniel and Zach compete in the same age bracket, they are so awesome that they each have a first place finish under their belt. And they are very synchronized as they compete.)

Then the bike ride. (Eli rode for 1 1/2 miles)

And Finally the run. (about a mile)

And even Ryon joined in the torture the fist time.
He'll do his first "real" triathlon in October.

I enjoy being the photographer during the triathlons. Mostly because I know I couldn't even finish the shortest distances for the youngest kids, so for now I'll stick with trying to do a whole 13 minutes on the tread mill without dieing or quitting (or falling off).

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