Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Third Birthday, Ry Guy!

He wanted Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast (whole grain of course-maybe he didn't say that part). He blew out the candles, twice, just for fun. As for a cake, he wants candles on that too, he told me. And he wants a "bubble bath cake". I asked him how to make it, he said, "you know, you cook the rice, and then when it gets bubbly, you put it in a pan in the ven." Now that it's made, not quite per bubble bath cake specifications, I asked him if he wanted frosting on it, maybe white? He said "no, just like it is". Meaning no frosting. The sad part is, it is probably the ugliest cake I have ever made!!! Oh well, it's only a birthday, and I will probably get to make like 108 birthday cakes before my children turn 18 and move out. So, I guess this one will not really matter that much, representing less than 1% of the cakes I have and will make. Ry is such a great little guy. Always happy, always creating something new to do, always on the move.
At the end of the day...


And lots of balloon fun,

after a family movie.

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