Monday, August 18, 2008

Marine Life in Our Yard

This has to be a new toad
because it's smaller than it used to be.

We (Andrew, Ry, & I) got irrigation again today. For some reason it seemed more alive than normal. We caught 3 crayfish (they look like mini lobsters) and put them in a mason jar until the kids came home from school. Then, when the boys had gone to football, we released them back into the "wild" or the irrigation ditch, I feel sad when I see them dead in the yard. The little pleasures in life are so big to me. The sun shine, rippling water, billowy clouds, little animals, trees blowing in the wind, and little children discovering all of it. Sometimes I feel guilty for not having more to "do" besides clean my house, make dinner, organize my clan, help with homework, garden, and enjoy life. Many people around the world have challenging everyday lives. And I suppose they don't have time to smell the roses. So, even though today I'm making a difference at home, in some tomorrow I'll make a difference in the world. My day will come when I can better share what I have, but today I'm learning to be patient waiting, and learning and practicing what I'll be able to share tomorrow.


Amy said...

Oh Jeanette,You're such and amazing wife,mom and friend. How fun to have so many "critters" in your irrigation. My boys would love it.

Lacy said...

I loved this post Jeanette! Your kids seem to grow up with all the freedom of discover and outdoors- I love it!