Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Birthday Tribute to Jen!

The family we grew up in.
I have the best big sister in the world! I have always watched her. As we grew up she was always faster than me, and smarter than me, and needed a lot less food and sleep than I did. She was always cool, with more friends than me, like times 10. And she seemed to always really know what she liked, like music, and movies, and books, and people. Her birthday came and went in August, without much (any) of a to do from me, and I want to say I'm sorry. You are the best! You are SO special! You are organized and you plan so well. You have great direction for your family and your self. You are beautiful and get more beautiful every year!!! I added a few songs to my play list that you liked (you may not like them now) when we lived together, however long ago that was, it some times seems like yesterday. I love you! Happy Belated Birthday, Jen!

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Jennifer said...

Thank you for saying so many nice things. I hope that you had a great birthday. I know that you are an amazing woman.
Love you, Jen