Saturday, August 23, 2008

They made it!

This is serious stuff, there were boys there who had been fasting since Thursday to lose weight, some others eating a snickers every two hours to gain weight. One boy (not my boy) passed out and the ambulance came and gave him an IV ! Crazy! Luckily our boys came through it still conscious and ready to eat their promised pizza and cookie lunch. Is that counter productive? Eli weighed in at 118 pounds (120 is the max for his team), Nathaniel weighed in at 88.3 pounds (90 is the max for his). We shaved their heads in case they were really close. Whew!
Nathaniel is in the center of the picture with a shaved head, he's one of the tallest kids on his team even though he's more than a year younger than a lot of them. No wonder he weighs more he's a head taller.

Eli was pretty fired up after making weigh-ins.