Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Snapshot of Morning Scripture Study

I remember one Christmas more than 13 years ago when Lillie came into the living room and laid on Byron as he was sitting on the couch, body to body. I remember thinking, that looks really odd, is that O.K.? And now I am sure you are thinking...that looks really odd. But now I have my own affectionate siblings. Nathaniel is a very nurturing big brother, but some times it looks like Zach is getting a bit too big to be cuddled and held by him. But they continue to be the closest brothers I have ever seen, the other night Nathaniel, Zach, and Ry all shared a twin size bed for the whole night. I wish I had taken a picture, I'm sure once they are all full grown it will almost be impossible to believe it was ever possible.

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