Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It Must be THAT Time of the Month!

Whatever that means!!
I am much better at verbalizing what I'm feeling and I take time to think this time of the month. It's like the time of the month when a voice turns on that actually speaks for me, and not everyone else. And it's definitely not the time of month when I play things down that always bug me. Especially when it comes to making a nice dinner and then having no one come to set the table or eat. Why does that bother me? Maybe because I'd be happy with a bowl of lettuce and some carrots (which would take a minute to make), and why do I make a nice dinner anyway? Only because of those people who aren't coming to the table to eat it.

Or when the kids leave things scattered here and there, as if those aren't their very most favorite possessions. Today we almost had a Lego magazine hostage situation, there were 4 of them on the counter in the kitchen. I actually silently just threw them all away, instead of making everyone work for them. Relief... I won't have to touch them again! I'll pose the question to you, do magazines and toys belong on the counter in the kitchen? Of course not!! And just as I was typing I found a cut in half whole peach under the office chair, WHAT??!! It was slightly juicy beneath it, but not moldy, yet. I went and threw it away, just as Ry Guy says, "I threw that in there last night!:) With his little smile that said, good job for finding it, Mom!
Anyway, there must be a reason for this intense awareness of all the things in my life that aren't quite right. I'm glad it won't be this time of the month tomorrow, right?


Amy said...

Oh yes! I'm on your side SISTA.

Mommyyork said...

love the thoughts. at least you have a few minutes to write them down!!!! I should be doing laundry right now!!! EEEEK!!! talk to you soon!