Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Football

Zach's flag football team could quite easily be mistaken for a soccer team! Even though every once in a while the little guys forget about the flags and wrap another kid's legs up nice and tight and take them right to the turf!
Zach's game was our second game of the day at 9am.
Ryon started eating Doritos at the fields at about 7:30am, which is NOT our normal protocol!
Zach is #15, our preferred family number is 9.

Eli is 99, he looks less and less like a little child every day! And now weight is no longer an issue, he makes weigh-in's by about 3-4 pounds, whew! I'm so glad that is over!

Yesterday Ryon took Nathaniel to Scottsdale at 6:15am for the Seminoles to continue their winning streak, I missed that game so I could take Zach & Eli to play in Gilbert. Zach's team was right on for their game! They made a touch down on the first play of the game and almost every possession there after. Zach even got to carry the ball once and made some great defensive plays, even though his coach still likes to play him mostly as a blocker on the offense. Zach's team is constantly improving, and it's great to see.

Eli's team is also getting better, but after (I think) 4 fumbles and lots of lost yardage they were feeling beat yesterday before they were. Eli made a great tackle, taking down the ball carrier. The team they played was made up of only 11 & 12 year olds, who apparently had played quite a few years already and were all quite tall. I'm sure our boys were intimidated, and out-played. Although, I really believe Eli's team will possibly score next week for the first time this season , we'll have to wait and see. I'm so glad they are all having fun!

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Sarah Steiner said...

Hey Zachary! You look so tough in your uniform and mouth guard. Sorry I couldnt make it to your game. I will for sure come to one of your next games. I am excited to see ya tear it up. Well I will see ya tomorrow.