Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day Has Arrived!

Pipi with candy in her hair!
I can only imagine that my brother-in-law took the day off work. Here's a link to his yard, impressive isn't even a good description, professional, and over the top creepy says it better! If you live in WV you couldn't have missed it! He constructs a grave yard fence just for today! He makes open graves and lays in them on Halloween night in an old church suit, last year my dad "helped" out by laying in another open grave, I guess I'm really jealous that I don't live close enough to scare people to death on Halloween night with my family! But since I can't do that, I'm helping with the party in Zach's 2nd grade class, I'm dressing up like the snow queen, Ry's a pirate, and Andrew a ninja. Savanah had a free dress day at school, except no Halloween costumes allowed, so Savanah did Pipi hair. I'm sure there'll be more to come later. Happy Halloween!!!


Todd said...

Hey beautiful!! You make a great White Witch! I was the wicked witch of the West, hehe!

Todd said...

By the way the last comment was from Jen signed in as Todd:)
We loved Halloween and had a blast!

mom said...

You look beautiful but I hope you are not evil like the white witch in Narnia, I know you are just as beautiful on the inside.