Saturday, October 11, 2008

Puerto Penasco - Thru My Eyes

As many mothers know, photos of mom don't happen very often, because we are taking all the pictures. So, here's a photo scrapbook of what I saw last week on our Mayan Palace vacation.
My legs, and the pool:). But even more often...
My Extremely Handsome Ryon,
all 6 of my children digging lots and lots of very large holes...Nathaniel unifying everyone on the beach to build fortified forts that with stood the waves by combining seaweed and sand in just the right proportions. (Nathaniel's teacher thinks he could be the President some day, handsome, quiet, intelligent, a natural leader)And lots, lots more holes. Ryon taking all the kids into the churning surf, as the hurricane weather started to whip up the sea.
Loving siblings having fun playing with each other in the sand!
Zach is holding one of the many sea treasures we found in the Sea of Cortez. We truly love hunting for shell treasures! A group of little girls had what they called an aquarium held in colorful sand buckets on the beach. We were astonished to see they actually had an impressive little collection, including among other things a living octopus!

On the first day at the beach Ry was really upset, and kept holding his back and crying, which is totally unusual for him to do.Soon after, I saw this lovely sting ray in the shallow water, and thought, did this sting ray do something to Ry's back? Ry had been wiggling in the shallow water on his back to get all the sand off his body after being buried, but no...
The hotel staff assured me that he had a 5 inch jelly fish sting, but not a sting ray sting, which I saw later in the day on a different guest, dripping blood, not a pretty sight! I think I'd opt for jelly fish any day! Poor Ry!

Thanks to Nathaniel and Savanah and the golf caddie, there were a few pictures taken of me on this trip after all. Nothing is more relaxing and fun than spending quality time with my family in a beautiful place! Ryon is so great at making time for family recreation, and memory making, family life is absolutely the best life!


Noelle said...

Looks like ou had a great time im good ole Mexico! Going there in 2 weeks myself for a little hubby and I getaway.

Amy said...

Looks wonderful! YES PLEASE...because it's SNOWING here. Where were you? Poor Ryon,I feel his pain I had a jellyfish be my friend in the Gulf of Mexico. Your kiddos are SO cute. Miss ya!