Monday, November 10, 2008

Scholastic Book Fair & Ry's Boo Boos

Meet spud Pipi Long Stockings and Obi-Wan Kenobi . Savanah and Eli designed and created "their favorite" characters for the "Dress a Spud in Book Duds" Scholastic Book Fair Contest. They both hope to win for their age categories (who doesn't?), I thought they did a great job with their potatoes! We'll know on Thursday if they get $15 gift certificates to use towards book purchases.

Well, boo boos are bound to happen when you are 3 and experimenting with gravity and everything else. So, Saturday night Ry put a 10 pound river rock on the 18' trampoline and jumped it around a few times, then decided to do some push-ups and see what happened. And well, Murphy's law probably says if you jump around with a huge rock and it hits you, it will hit you in the face, probably, right? Well, his mouth was where the impact was and his little teeth came through his little lip, or at least that's what it looks like. The hole on the inside was huge and the one on the outside was little. I was NOT about to see if it really went all the way through with all the blood and crying, so we just guessed. After we washed ALL the blood off his little mouth we iced it and now it's healing beautifully. We decided against waiting in the emergency room to see if he should have stitches, and hopefully he doesn't get a raging infection. So, then Sunday morning the boys decided to play baseball and before the first pitch was thrown Andrew swung the bat and whack, right into the side of Ry's little head. A huge goose egg popped up, thankfully no dents! And back to the ice pack and reading books on the couch again. Oh to be the youngest of 5 boys, the injuries never cease! Actually, I think we are very safe here, no broken bones, only one set of stitches, for all of the fun the kids have, they are pretty careful!

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Amy said...

Oh my! Poor Ryon. He's SO cute. He's gotten so big.