Monday, December 22, 2008

We're Going to Papa's House, We're Going to Wash the Jeep, and Be Happy, Happy, Happy!

The last time I saw my "uncle" Jeb was when we were both really young! (Maybe 5 and 6) Now he's a teacher/principal and is married to Angela (truly beautiful I might add)! I completely enjoyed our visit (reunion) at the Draper/Frisch Christmas party on Sunday!Some of the cooks for the delicious Christmas feast!Life is a party at Papa Kirk's house!
Papa and the kids went to the hobby shop to get rockets for all, built them, and even launched them in the rain!
The launch site...they had to get a ladder to get one out of a tree.
And nine of us went to see The Tale of Desperaux at the theater! Thanks Nana!
We almost took up a whole row!!!
And after all that we matched for church, even though we didn't plan it, ahhh, so cute! :)
Lacy and I both got these cute pj's from our mothers-in-law for Christmas,
even though we have different ones (mothers-in-law that is)!
Oh, and 10 kids were sleeping EVERYWHERE! And 8 parents were sleeping everywhere else! Family gatherings are so fun!

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