Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 the Best Year Ever!

Why was it the best year ever? For me it was because I am really enjoying the journey. Life is what it is, and though there are definitely ups and downs and no one does what I want them to do all of the time (including me). I still love it...just the way it is. Out of control, but in the arms of my all knowing and all loving God.
We finished up this year together as a family. We had a big family breakfast (which is normally on Saturdays and Sundays) with multi grain pancakes, blackberry compote, hot syrup, bacon, and eggs from our own chickadees (chickens). Then we went to the Phoenix Zoo for a family picnic and rode our bikes around to see the animals, who all seemed to be wide awake, even the lion and tiger! Once we got home we had left-overs for dinner (not too exciting) and Ryon and I snuck out to see the Temple Light display and hear the missionary choir, while the kids watched Crocodile Hunter (I wish they had wanted to come, but we had a lot of fun together...foreshadowing of things to come I suppose, I liked it!) At 9pm we headed out to Princess Gerty's house for a great New Year's Eve/ Birthday party for the queen of family parties...and we celebrated together playing Taboo, eating, eating, eating, and setting off explosives, which weren't nearly as against the law as the fellows down the street (who were visited by the police), but none the less, fun! We arrived home at about 1:30am and tucked everyone into bed, but Ry had taken a nap from about 4:30 to 9pm and really wasn't tired, but stayed in bed anyway, whew!!! A great end to a great year!

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Nana from San Diego said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had alot of fun as a family and fun for just you and Ryon on New Year's Eve. Love you all!

Mom in San Diego