Sunday, January 11, 2009

Never Been to Lego Land!

As a Christmas gift for our lego building, lego loving boys (Ryon included), Ryon built the boys a lego station where they can design and build everything lego, including a trebuchet that Eli will use for his science fair project! I included a few photos of the great things the boys have made, Nathaniel, Andrew, Eli, and Ry guy really love their new spot!(Although this first was taken on the stove, for some reason!)

An underwater scene with a sunken treasure!

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Mommyyork said...

be there soon...

Nana from San Diego said...

These grandsons are going to grow up to be engineers or architects or something amazing!!


Boy...I sure remember THAT stage. In no time your boys will be off serving missions too!

Amy said...

Whew..that's a lot of legos. Good job guys. I love it!