Saturday, March 21, 2009

Papa's Rockets!

Papa Kirk is no ordinary grandpa!

From the money tree that not only grows in his backyard but bares money on the first full moon..., to rockets and glow stick tag (with $5 and $10 prizes for hiding) to washing his jeep and actually going to work and working for real money all day long (I'm beginning to wonder if that money tree is really real? or is Papa completely broke when we go home?)... So, this spring break Papa got lots and lots of rocket engines and took the kids to a beautiful valley where they shot them onto some private property and played cash prize games to retrieve them first. Papa walked the kids to Rite-Aid to get fist fulls of candy and then paid for the viewing of "Return to Witch Mountain." I almost erroneously labeled by blog "Spring break on a dime, but it should be on Nana & Papa's Dime!" Thanks for a extremely fun and adventure filled week! We love you both!

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