Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Searching for Comments...Should I Do It?

I already am a pampered chef, right? But to tell you the truth...money is really tight around here right now. And I've been throwing around the idea of contributing to the family finances. I'm healthy and able, why not? Well, there seem to be so many pros and cons to working it makes my head spin! It'd be such an easy decision to work if "work =(ed) money"...but there are so many hidden costs like...

1- I have a full-time job already (which I don't get financial compensation for...that seems to be a theme in our home.)
2- Time away from Ryon.
3- Time away from my children.
4- Babysitting costs (even if it's Savanah and Eli babysitting for free)
5- Living in a not so clean house (could possibly drive me crazy).
6- What are we going to eat for dinner?
7- Who's going to pick up kids from baseball.
8- Who's going to help with the chickens & garden?
9- Will it be enough money to even matter?
10- Paying higher taxes.
11- Stressing friendships by asking to have a Pampered Chef party at their home.
12- Not updating my blog.
13- Never calling my family.
14- Extra gas for the car.
15- Time, Time, Time
16-Something I'd be constantly thinking about.
17- Sleep loss. (That's big in my book! ~Almost priceless!)

1- Money to pay essential bills.
2- Developing business skills.
3- Building a network of new people.
4- Learning how to cook more efficiently.
5- Getting more organized.
6- Self sufficiency/independence.

Sacrificing family time for anything worldly has never made me happy, only frustrated. I could try Pampered Chef for 6 months and see where we're at financially...or we could move... It's time to make really big decisions. Ones that will change the rest of our lives. Are big decisions easy to make when you know you are making the right decision?

If we are friends (even if we aren't) let me know IF I become a Pampered Chef Representative, would you want me to throw a great party at your house? You don't even have to live in Arizona...:) I'd even be happy to gather your friends in my home (pictured above). We'd have fun, right!? (I guess if no one wants to host a party...then this decision was much easier than I was thinking it would be.) Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to your thoughts!


Cathy said...

Do it, do it, Do it!

I am a consultant in Canada - have been doing it since April 2008.

The money is great - the control over my own schedule is great - you don't have to do a show on Baseball nights!

The write offs are worth it - you can deduct part of your car, gas,house and more just for being a home based business! At least I can in Canada!

Friends only get bothered if you consistently ask them to do shows - solve that by asking them to bring someone you don't know and book them!

I would love to help you more - e-mail me is you would like :-)


Lacy said...

Can you come to Florida? I would host a party if we lived driving distance!

One tip to avoid becoming annoying- don't send repeated emails to everyone on your email lists announcing your new job or inviting them to parties. That's what has annoyed me with a few of my acquaintances.

I say go for it! You could really help the family finances and have peace of mind that you are trying to contribute. Love you!

Mommyyork said...

I say if you don't have to there are other things that can be done. My mom started working part time when I was 8, and not having her there was so hard on the whole family. still one of her biggest regrets. The added stress and time away from kids really affects them. Just a little thought. I know you would be great at it though.