Sunday, May 24, 2009


Wii (Aren't) Fit! The new name pretty much sums it up! Friday was the first day of summer vacation. The seven of us had a great day together. We're trying a schedule starting with scripture reading, then there are chores to be done, breakfast, free-time, lunch, reading time (requested by Eli- at least 1 hour uninterrupted (by chores)), swim time, then EXERCISE time!! The kids pulled up some exercise mats (that have only been used as sleeping pads while camping). We turned on the Wii Fit (what a funny name!) and vowed not to quit until our 30 minutes was up. And now 2 days later my calves are still extremely sore, still feeling like they are gnarled tree trunks. But I'm not giving up and 30 minutes of exercise will be included in every weekday of our summer schedule...unless it's not:). I wish I had a more consistent personality...schedules continue to evade me.

When CAN you have a Mohawk, if not when you're 5? Andrew welcomed in summer with a new do. Savanah and Nathaniel are pretty sure people will think he has no religion if we let him keep it! (Why does that make me laugh? They are such great kids!) It doesn't help that he's been sick for 2 days with a fever and is sporting blood shot eyes...looks a bit suspicious!

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That is SOOOOO funny!