Tuesday, May 26, 2009


These photos catch the Ryon who loves to dress up and pose for the camera, with his big cheesy grin and super wide smile. He's constantly in the companionship of at least one if not all four of his older brothers. For Ryon, being the youngest definitely has its perks! As I browsed my photos, I noticed him watching A LOT! He's just soaking up life as fast as it comes at him. Because he's the youngest he gets to experience so many of life's adventures years before my older children got to...he's just a perfectly great sport! Today he came into the house bleeding, and when I asked him if it hurt he said, "I'm not crying":). Meaning, put my cleats on and let me go back outside to run laps around the house in the 110' weather with my brothers.


Nana from San Diego said...

Well, it took me a while to catch up on all of your posts...but I am so glad I did. Your pictures are beautiful, your writing is entertaining and everyone looks great and sounds great! Summer is magical...even in your heat, I think. We need to talk about Zach's baptism soon!

Princess Gerty said...

Great Collages!