Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Many Mistakes...So Little Time!

This week has been hectic between school coming to an end, baseball coming to an end (2 team parties at our home coming up), 1 classroom party to plan (Ahhh! That's tomorrow?!), irrigation (missionary football), making cinnamon rolls for my children's wonderful teachers (getting up at 4am to have them done by 7am), awards ceremonies (Great job Savanah, Nathaniel, and Zach! Savanah received what we are calling the diplomacy award and the presidential academic excellence award...and Zach and Nathaniel received great honors for straight A's and physical fitness AND they were never tardy this year!!!! WOW!! Last year they were tardy like 35 times, what an improvement! And all on their own!). So, amidst all that we ran out of bread, so I pulled out the wheat grinder, and Bosch and got to work (multitasking, of course). And well, the first 6 loaves came out great, but then I determined I should make 6 more so we wouldn't run out this week. I was switching off between running outside to water my flower beds, and grinding wheat in the kitchen. So, I was surprised (shocked might be the right word) when I ran back into the house about the 5th time and the wheat grinder was exhaling enormous quantities of freshly ground wheat flour into the air and onto the counters. It resembled a perfectly functioning snow blower. I don't know when it started to exhale the fine white stuff, but it was long before I entered the house. There is still a fine layer of wheat dust just about everywhere...and just in time for company! So little many mistakes to be made!

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Me said...

I love your energy and enthusiasm for life. Both are such wonderful gifts!