Monday, May 4, 2009


Our Zach will be turning 8 years old in June, and I'd like to make a book for him with testimonies from his family, friends (friends of the family), teachers (Sister Chanlder & Ms. Steiner), and the bishop. So, if you fall into any of those categories...please send me your testimony! I'd like to have the book done at his baptism, so if you could get it to me before July 11th, I'd really appreciate it! THANKS! And a personal invitation for testimonies from: My Mom & Dad, Jan & Kirk, Randy & MaryBeth, Jen & Todd, Grandma & Grandpa Skinner, Lacy & Joe, Lillie & Ross, Savanah, Eli, Nathaniel, Ryon, any Great Aunts or Uncles... Thanks everyone!
OH! And you're more than welcome to come to the baptism... It is July 11th, call me for the time and place!


Lacy said...

Thank you! I will do it! Can you remind me as we get closer if you still don't have mine?

Mommyyork said...

yes!! How do you make them big? And we want to come visit soon!!!! Maybe when it cools down.hee hee... anyway. my email is talk to you soon.