Friday, August 14, 2009

What Four Looks Like...Ryon II

He's wonderful... Ry's was really the best delivery, EVER!! I know I compared it to a great date with the big Ryon by the next day. Fun, fast, fairly painless... I was on cloud nine, and wanting to go home the next day to celebrate the big 30 for me.

This week marks the beginning of my school year of alone time with just he and I for about 3 hours a day! I love it! He's so fun that normally an older sibling snatches him away from me to shoot air soft guns, or play some exciting game (I'm pretty boring when it comes to 4 year old boy things). So, I'm happy for this "forced" time to just get to be with Ry. He seems to be a cameleon, able to adapt to whatever is around him, he likes most everything, and is always happy. He soaks up knowledge like a sponge and loves to "make cards" although, he always wants to mail them to whoever they are for, and well, I'm not so good at that. But here are some examples.

He said the other day, "when I grow up, I want to be single." ("I mean like not be married, I want to be single and be a doctor"...his exact words. I hope he changes his ideas before he grows up!) He feeds the cat every day, and chases the chickens. He dresses himself, loves to wear his blue jeans backwards (I know it's embarrassing, I'm getting over it-he knows they are backwards-he just likes them that way). He loves to get the mail. He rings the door bell to be let into the house. His favorite color is green and any colors that Andrew likes (that's what he said). His favorite food is ramen noodles. He wants to be just like Eli when he grows up! (Maybe that's why he wants to be single? I hope.) He's so fun to talk to, it's like everything he says is alive with excitement.

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Princess Gerty said...

Happy Birthday Ryon! So sad I missed the party even if it was for a great reason!