Saturday, October 3, 2009

Am I Crazy?

I am officially a First Lego League coach for a MAAS team. Exciting? Yes! Overwhelming? Yes!! Time consuming? Yes! Yes! Yes! I read some teams spend 12 hours a week on it, I don't know where I could find 12 hours a week. I don't watch any t.v., I don't exercise (except yoga, I can't give that up), I only blog once a week, except this week when I was making a blog for my team . At least I was able to make the blog quickly because I've done it before. But reading ALL the rules is mind bending, and trying to figure out what comes first, is it fund raising (so we can buy our robot), research project, robot design, learning to program. A lot of coaches are engineers...I know how to clean up legos (been doing that for a long time), but I don't build with them often, and I don't program, yet. So, if you see a lot fewer posts until Dec. 5, don't be surprised. We're shooting for 3 meetings a week, 2 at my house, I guess I could get the team going in the right direction and then make dinner... And one at school. Please wish me luck and pray for me, I'll need it! Or even if I wasn't crazy to volunteer, I'll be crazy when this is over?! People keep saying I'm organized, why don't I feel that way?

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