Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Baby Again...Even If It Was Only For A Few Days.

Last week was crazy hectic...strep for Eli, microwave on the fritz, blown circuit in the kitchen island, water distiller with a fried circuit (so no fresh drinking water), front loading clothes washing machine mysteriously filling with water while it was off, and then water cascading onto the floor when I opened it, dishwasher soap dispenser cap broken, Lego League State competition on Saturday and me the coach...I just felt out of control and my counters told my crazy story to the world with piles of this and that in every corner. (Which I always hate! Ahhh!)

So along comes Sunday morning. The morning after all the chaos in my life had come to an end. And Eli slugs into my room with the rising sun weeping from the pain in his back and abdomen. I have vague memories of being exactly his age and having horrible back pain caused by pneumonia. So, I showered and took him to urgent much for church. The doctor at urgent care seemed quite concerned, "promise me you'll go straight to the emergency room" those were her words. Eli had blood and protein in his urine and her concern was some long word condition for strep going to the kidneys and causing lots of trouble. She called ahead to the emergency room and gave me a heads up that he'd probably be admitted and they'd watch him for a few days. So, then we went home...I'm really not good at telling the truth when someone really wants to hear a different answer. Ryon gave Eli a blessing and then we were off to the emergency room. As per the urgent care doctor's predictions Eli was admitted for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday until 10pm.

It was so nice to be with Eli for 3 days just the two of us. I forget what a kind and gentle spirit he is. In the hospital he wanted me to share his bed with him so he squished over to the side to make room for me. He said thank you every time I pulled up his covers, handed him a drink of water, took him to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and gave him a hug and a kiss. He truly wanted my company night and day. And even though I'm not good with sleep deprivation...I hung in there and he was my baby once again. I love you, Eli, you are an outstanding person.

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Amy said...

Oh my goodness Jeanette! I'm so glad he's alright.