Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nana & Papa!

Last week my amazing mom and dad came to visit us! The week flew by way too fast! They took the Amtrak train, and then the Grey Hound Bus to get to our home, so their travel to get here probably didn't fly by way too fast for them. They arrived at 2:30 am on Sunday morning, just in time for the Easter Bunny to hide hide the baskets, & the eggs in the yard at 3am (by the light of the full moon).
All week long my parents were full of surprises! We had a lot of fun transforming our flower bed and garden into edible beds (tomatoes, peppers, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, oregano...). They seemed to have had the same vision of my yard as I had...THANKS! I've always called the garden my garden, but from now on I'll call it the family garden! And my dad is the garden fairy! (I'll have to post pictures later, when I have taken some.) I don't even know if master gardener can adequately describe his gardening abilities. And my mom is the most wonderful gardener/water girl in the world! She was always on hand to rake, feed the kids, bring food and water, remind us to take a break every once in the while, feed us candy and encourage the boys to collect rocks. Every night we went to the ball park to watch a boy or two play baseball, and do a little yoga/exercises, and wear green chair bags as leggings to keep from freezing to death. We had lots of good laughs, the kind that required a tissue to wipe away the tears (we also used a quite a few tissues for "allergies"). We heard funny sayings like "What are snakes and beaver eggs?" (a kindergartner's interpretation of snacks and beverages). We folded countless laundry, shopped at Home Depot like 8 times (I don't even think I am kidding, no I'm being totally serious!), we did about 15 dishwashers full of dishes, we barbecued for an old time friend, watched a few movies (or slept through them together...whatever), dad rode my bike to school with the kids every morning (even when Evan decided he wanted to go, too), weeded, sowed, plowed, caged, and enjoyed being together. My mom had me get gardening gloves so my hands won't be thrashed all the time, they work great! Then on Friday night we took Nana and Papa back to the Grey Hound Bus depot...they didn't look like they fit in AT ALL (have you ever been to the Grey Hound Bus Depot?), but they headed home, to hopefully get some rest before they get back to their every day lives. I sure love it when they visit, even if it only happens once a year, it's wonderful! When they come I feel encompassed in their love, and spoiled (not like rotten but like they do everything and help me like more than I could ever expect (like being multiplied by 6!). I'd like to express my gratitude to them, but THANK YOU hardly seems adequate. I love you both so much! Thank you for your examples of selfless service, your kind words, your financial help, and most of all your limitless love, you make me feel so very loved. You are the BEST! Thank you!

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Ashly said...

How fun to have your parents with you for Easter! They look great. And I bet your garden will be supurb. I went out for my 10 yr reunion and stayed at their house. I got to see their garden at it's peak and it was amazing. My kids loved, loved their garden too!