Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time Together

Often Ryon would like me to tame my opinions on things. He says I'm pretty extreme in my opinions and black and white and ...well it appears he's right! I HATE Las Vegas (the Strip)! It's truly HELL on earth. There is no way to avoid the lies, vile & perverted trash that fill the air there (street signs, hand outs (that float to the ground), driving vans with bill boards on them, larger than life bill boards with body parts I don't care to see, no matter how fake and perfect they appear to be, and we all know gambling is a losing proposition) from any talent, that may be buried in a Cirqu Du Soleil, or The Blue Man Group, or The Lion King. I was sad to see so many beautiful girls with no spark of joy in their eyes. The spirit of God had completely ceased to dwell with them, what a true shame! That city is truly sin city and if I never go there again in my whole entire life it will be too soon! That being said, Ryon had a "rewards" trip that he earned last year so his office paid for us to go there. They paid for us to go to Aquanox for dinner. We joined 4 other men from his company, so I was the only woman at dinner. We "played" a little getting to know you game. Where we told about the top 3 places we'd like to live and why. I had to restrain myself when one guy said 2 of his favorite places were Las Vegas and New Orleans, I wanted to throw something at him (what a jerk!). But the redeeming quality about the dinner was the food, it was the best sea food I've ever eaten. I had lobster bisque with caviar, lobster stuffed with crab and fillet was amazing! Even though I had eaten the biggest lunch I've ever eaten at 2pm, and wasn't all that hungry by 8pm (when we were having dinner). Ryon had oyster shots (non-alcoholic) and muscles, clams, oysters, shrimp... After dinner we walked across the hall at the Venetian to see the 10pm Blue Man Group show. It was O.K. It is funnier to talk about what we saw than it was when we were seeing it. The best part of the trip was to have lots of time just hanging out with Ryon and talking and listening without interruptions. I'm excited to have another get away, just not to Las Vegas, ever again! The kids were amazing! They are they BEST kids in the world! Zach (8 years old) made dinner the first night for everyone. Savanah got up early to get the little boys dressed and fed before school, and then the oldest 3 kids got every one to school on time. Four of my awesome friends helped out with babysitting and the kids never called with an unsolvable problem. I'm SO grateful for my children!

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