Monday, April 12, 2010

We're Blooming!

Besides my teary eyes, drippy nose, crawling skin, and what ever it is I cough up regularly this is my FAVORITE time of year! Even with my allergies to apparently everything I plant, I love the eye candy. I feel so happy when I see our yard full of color, what a miracle! Mud pies and a few seeds and the touch of the master's hand and there is beauty on every side, and it smells amazing (when I can smell it!). I'll be sad to see it all go when the heat comes, but it is nice to breath again!

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Lillie said...

OH no! I never even got to look at your garden while I was "there." I put that in quotations marks because it was all so fast and brief... not sure it counts.

Thankyou so much for letting me crash at your place even though I was no fun. I'm so glad you stayed up 'till a ridiculous hour so we could chat. Hope you didn't regret it to badly the next morning. Love you guys.