Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Ready...

I just shined up 5 pairs of boys church shoes (even if some are men's size 8 & 10...). We're getting ready for Randy's memorial service, and I do recall Randy mentioning the fact that I don't iron the boys church shirts, so this time, I'm starting well in advance and they'll be washed, ironed, and the shoes shined. Just for you Randy. I'm looking forward to his services. Last night Paul, an old friend of Randy's, stopped by to say hi and reminisce about one of his best friends. Randy had so many great friends.

We made a fresh peach cobbler last night, and fresh peach compote to go with waffles. But we got irrigation after that and now the peaches are all watered down...if those are the words to use. They tasted all sweet yesterday and now after irrigation they taste watery...fresh yummy water...but not sweet peachy water. I wonder how long it will take for them to be sweet again. Mental note try to harvest peaches before watering the tree a lot:)... Didn't see that coming!

This is the last week of school...the last week of having a "toddler" home with me all day long without a sibling around. I keep feeling like we should just curl up on the couch and read fun picture books all day long. But he just wants me to pitch him baseballs...and then go shag them (he's grown up already). And he also likes to draw pictures, and write captions...Buff Buff Buff Ryon:) I'm excited to see how well he does in kindergarten after Andrew pretty much let him in on all the kindergarten secrets this year. There are definitely perks to being the youngest, I can attest to that!

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