Monday, June 7, 2010

Love Birds This Morning

I've been waiting for them, and this morning there were 8 of them eating seeds out by the pool. Love birds really are beautiful! I love that they let me get so close to them and take their pictures. Their coloring is perfect camouflage for our yard!
I picked peaches, squashes, apricots, tomatoes, and a couple eggs this morning. Being out in the cool of the morning is absolutely delightful! But I'm trying to figure out what we are supposed to do during the heat of the day. I'd be happy for any suggests! Reading and swimming only last so long:). I'm actually seriously contemplating implementing the siesta...

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Nana from San Diego said...

Loved your blogs that I just got caught up on. It was so fun seeing the graduation pictures, boating pictures and videos and the contrasting photo from your wedding day! Wow, it is amazing how many years have gone by. Thanks for your fun blogs! Love you guys!