Monday, September 13, 2010

All Is Well :)

I'm sure Zach does NOT have a broken tibia...why do I go to doctors? I think I go just so I don't feel guilty if someone it's kind of someone else's fault, too. Maybe it makes me feel better to share the guilt with a responsible adult. Anyway, there's no way Zach broke his tibia...I canceled the appointment with the specialist today. He took off his foot brace on Saturday and by Sunday night he was playing football barefooted out on the lawn. So, so much for x-rays and this doctor's guess! I think he sprained it, it's still a bit swollen, but no bruising and he rode his bike to school today with complete range of motion. Well, that means our family's no broken bones record is still in tact! :)

This was a great weekend. All 4 boys won their football games, Ricky found her homecoming dress, Bea swam in 2 relays at the all day Saturday meet, Zach's foot unbroke :), I made 8 loaves of bread this morning, we played hearts...and I won..sorry Bea-it was your first time:), and now it's Monday - personally it's my favorite day of the week! I hope YOU have a great week!

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