Friday, March 4, 2011

Freedom Trail

They are and sound! I was debriefed yesterday on their freezing cold, high adventure trip to Boston. A few of their stories stuck out to me. The first being that there is a building in Boston with a golden cricket on top of it, I don't remember the name of it. It is a beautiful old mansion and some 10 years ago (like a blink of the eye in Boston) the caretaker was cleaning this cricket and discovered an old button on it, when he pressed it, the cricket opened up, and out poured treasure (real treasure) and a note from the original owner pretty much saying, "Finders keepers". BUT the current owner of the building didn't believe in finders keepers and the caretaker didn't get to keep anything...I bet that was a let down! Buried treasure right over our heads...anything is possible in Boston.

And the Suns and Southwest took VERY good care of my boys! They had fun playing with the Suns' Gorilla at the airport (who gave Eli a backpack filled with Eli's own Suns treasures), slept in a comfortable hotel, ate lots of food (Boston clam chowder in the longest open restaurant in the US, 180 consecutive years), watched a Suns game from the 17th row, received some new t-shirts, visited MIT, visited the Paul Revere house, went on guided tours, rode the subway, and visited the Boston Public Library (the only request Eli had for the trip, to visit the largest Public Library in the US- it didn't disappoint), and learned about the history of our country. Like the Boston Massacre only included the death of 5 people. I didn't know that. It was a trip of a life time! Once again, congratulations, Eli!

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