Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthdays & Happy Anniversary!

School is in full swing, along with swim team and football. Yesterday we celebrated Ry's birthday. He requested waffles, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast. We had to serve it at 6am so everyone could eat together. Then, I celebrated his birthday at lunch by going to his school to eat lunch with him. It was fun to have him home for the evening we didn't think he had football practice, although he found out later he really did. We ate pizza, swam, and jumped on the trampoline. He is in a phase of his life where he loves having a bath (probably because he gets super sweaty in his football gear), so when I gave him a choice between jumping on the trampoline and a bath...he chose to do both:). Ry is so fun! He is helpful, thoughtful, kind, and overall happy. The only two things he really wanted for his birthday were a microscope and a telescope. So far he hasn't gotten either, but we're working on it! He is great...he said, "whenever you can get them for me, that will be fine."!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary and my birthday this month. As the years pass since I carried Ry Guy, I actually feel younger. I think older, but my body feels better than it did throughout my 20's. For me, being pregnant was a challenge (an exhausting, tiring, fatiguing challenge), so right now I feel like I'm in a magical energetic intermission between child birth and old age.

We celebrated our anniversary in Sedona where it was 78' F! That was amazing to experience, a cool night and lovely days. We made the most of our 2 days and one night by leaving home at 6am and taking in the early morning yoga class in the grass by the creek at our resort. Ryon appreciates yoga, even if he doesn't love it like I do. When we can attend yoga together I love it even more! We went on a Pink Jeep tour and ate some delicious Mexicanish food at Elote. We took a moonlit walk along the creek (where we got scared by the sounds of animals that live along the banks). We ate molten chocolate cakes on our balcony by candle light. And mostly we just talked and held hands, and for 38 hours we shut out the world and were just Ryon and Jeanette one more time. Being in love and married to the person I love is such a rewarding part of my life. Next year will mark the year I will have been married for as long as I was alive before I was married...that sure came faster than I had anticipated!

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Princess Gerty said...

You look so beautiful! Happy Birthday!