Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Andrew, You're a Beast!"

Andrew is Number 93 and Ry is Number 99.

1 sack, 4 tackles for a loss, and 5 assists-those are Andrew's records for yesterday's game...and Ry had his first 2 tackles yesterday. Andrew and Arrow are the lead tackles for their Raiders' team and they sure make the game fun to watch...for our side that is. The final score was Raiders 30 vs Panthers 6. The boys' team struggled with their extra points, but made up for it with extra touch downs. Andrew plays every play of the game going both ways and Ry was the center for all but one offensive plays and played about 1/2 the defensive plays. During the game, Andrew missed a tackle (lots, but one in particular), but slowed the runner down and Ryon came in and took the tackle. As a mom it's great to watch my boys working together as a center and quarter back on offense and Andrew as a line backer and Ryon a defensive tackle on defense, and sometimes they stand beside each other on the D-line when Andrew blitzes, they look out for each other, and they work together so well! As I was taking their picture after the game Ry was shielding his eyes from the sun and looked up at Andrew to see his eyes in the bright sunlight, so, he over extended his arm to make sure Andrew's eyes had shade, too. They get each other dressed and help each other have enough water for football, Andrew forgot his water bottle for school the other day and Ry had packed 2 for himself, so he gave one to Andrew. And then there's Eli. He had a bye yesterday, but he feels so much happiness in his little brothers being successful in football!

After the game, the coach came to our truck and all he had to say was, "Andrew, you're a Beast! If you do that every game we are W, W, W, W, W from here on out!"

Last week Andrew had 6 tackles and a safety. And the score was Raiders 14 vs Titans 6.

I still have concerns over tackle football for kids, starting with the impact on their brains! But they sure love it. It gives especially Andrew an acceptable outlet to go all out physically and at least that part of football is a very positive thing.

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