Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chinese & Meat Chickens

Eli, Nathaniel, and Zach all have taken some Mandarin, Eli more than the rest with 5 years already. So, we are so excited that on Saturday our Chinese exchange student will arrive. I think he speaks Mandarin, but we'll have to wait and find out on Saturday. :)

He wrote me a few e-mails, but I erased them!!! Ooops! His address was all numbers and the subject line was in Chinese characters. So, of course I thought it was spam! Then, when I got the last one, it dawned on me, oh yeah, maybe our Chinese exchange student is writing to me. The best part was when Eli came over, he read me all of the characters! He had just learned them in Chinese this week! This is going to be fun!

We picked up a little chicken house yesterday. You may be wondering why... Well, we are going to raise some of our own meat chickens. It's Ryon's idea and project, so I'll try hard not to own it:). And yesterday he found a free building, which his friend already helped him move and now, once it's off the trailer, instant chicken house:). It's just in time because the meat chicks arrive on Monday! Going to pick them up at the post office is one of my favorite things in the world! Everyone is standing all grumpy in line waiting for the next slow teller, and then, when my package starts chirping and wiggling they all smile and ask 1000 questions. It's pretty rewarding just to pick the chicks up from the post office. Hopefully, all of our experience with laying hens will come into play and we'll have great success!

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Princess Gerty said...

I know you are living "Animal Vegetable Miracle" the book, but you really remind me of the part in that book when they talk about getting their chicks from the post office!