Friday, September 23, 2011

FIRST, Battle of the Books, Friends, Swim, and Garden

Nathaniel is involved with First Robotics (Lego League) again, I'm so glad. He and his buddy are excited to build their team's robot and program it to accomplish the tasks that they are currently learning about. I'm excited that I get to encourage and watch, but that their science teacher is their coach.

Zach is competing in Battle of the Books with his buddies. Zach has also found some great friends at his new school and keeps pretty busy (at least he keeps me busy) playing with them.

Savanah's swim team won in their meet last night. 130-18...I guess it wasn't a very good match up...our suburban stopped working yesterday morning (something having to do with turning over, the starter works, the battery works, the alternator works, but the car doesn't??-any ideas are appreciated!), so I didn't make it to her swim meet.

The chickens devastated our garden this morning! So, so, so, disheartening! I clipped their wings yesterday, but apparently they can hop higher than our garden fence:(. Any ideas on keeping them out of the garden would be greatly appreciated!

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