Monday, October 17, 2011

Fossil Springs Vacation October Break 2011

For every parent out know going "camping" means you get to do everything you do at home, plus more, in a place where it's a little bit harder, with a lot less water, and you have to try to remember EVERY thing you use at home, so you don't feel like you are a member of a prehistoric nomadic tribe. That being said, we threw in a new hitch...2 teenage boys...young men, who didn't want to accompany us on our camping trip. So, along with all of the gear we needed to pack for 10 people, we had to convince them there really was no opting out. Sound like fun, yet? It really was!

Fossil creek is just like that amazing river my parents told me about when I was a kid. The one that is clear all the way to the bottom, that you can tube down. The one that is fed by some mildly geothermic spring that is 75' degrees year round. It was amazing! And the reason it is called "Fossil" creek is because it lays down a fossil mineral layer on everything sealing it up nicely so it feels so clean!

The highlight of the trip was floating, and sometimes tumbling down the river on our inner tubes that were probably meant more for a bath tub than a river. But it was fun. We had to portage the "water craft" for some of the rapids...but we only figured that out after we had a savage trip down the first one...some of our legs, hips, and backs were a little worse for wear after that, and after ending up under Nathaniel's older and some what heavier body Andrew opted to stay out of the rapids for the rest of the day (fearing death if he had another tumble)...but hopefully my boys learned a lesson they won't have to repeat with their teenage friends some day!

Ryon and our older kids jumped from cliffs and stood under a beautiful waterfall while the rest of us just warmed up to the idea of getting in while it was still cool in the morning air.

Our reluctant travelers let down their hair, or probably more appropriately their pants and floated down river in their skivvies. I guess we looked like we were having the time of our lives, so they couldn't resist joining our fun, it was a lot of laughs and very fun!

The close second adventure of our stay was during the night when I felt "something" on the sleeve of my sweatshirt. And I flung it off in my/Ryon's sleeping bag...feeling somewhat guilty that I just flung who knew what onto my husbands "pants" I quickly grabbed "it" and threw it across the tent. In the morning we found that "it" was a large scorpion...and luckily it was only clinging to Savanah's sweat pants and hadn't stung any of our campers. There were also skunks which visited the boys tents throughout the night, but no one got sprayed.

We made it home with lots of fresh dirt, a few sun burns, and many fun memories of being a diverse family of 10. I definitely like being home, but it's worth all the laundry and bug bites to do something different every now and then.

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