Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That's an Affirmative!

So, I asked in a previous blog, can Nathaniel be growing up faster than my other kids, and the answer is, YES! The last few days I kept thinking I was seeing a mustache on him, but I kept throwing the idea out, because 1-Eli doesn't have one (and he's 2 years older), 2- He is only 12 by like 3 days, 3- He's my 3rd child and how can that happen already? But alas, it's true, he has a little mustache, but gratefully, he admitted to me this morning that he hates mustaches (as much as I do I hope) shaving going on, yet. But he really is growing up faster! I can see it already, when I turned 30 I was so happy to finally be old enough to be raising my 6 kids that I had already had, by the time I turn 40 I could have 3 kids driving and 3 boys shaving... I think I'm ready for 40, already:).

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