Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break

One might suppose that with 6 relatively cute kids it wouldn't be too hard to snap one photo where all six of them are looking at the camera with their eyes open, without an other's head or hand or arm in an other's face, without their eyeballs bugging out of their head, and without their nostrils unnaturally flared in an attempt to gulp in oxygen because they are laughing so hard they can't breath, without bunny ears behind their heads and fingers tickling their necks. One might suppose those things...but it wasn't the case this time! I tried to take one"good" photo by snapping like 400 shots (aren't I grateful for digital vs film!) and although they are fun action shots, the one perfect shot I was after didn't appear (How do photographers do it?). But we had fun at the park anyway. We stayed home for spring break this year and Ryon worked. The kids and I took a few little outings and at the end of the week Ryon, Eli, and Nathaniel went on a backpacking trip with their scout troup. One of our little outings was to ride around this cute little lake where Eli could have drowned when he was about 2 years old and he stepped right into the lake, when Ryon reached in to pull Eli out he was standing on the bottom looking up through about 2 inches of water with his little eyes wide open. It was a bit terrifying, gratefully it had a happy ending. I have kind of avoid this park for a long time, but now everyone is taller than the lake is deep and we're all water safe so it is a lot of fun now:).

We also checked out a few culture passes from our public library and made our way to the Science Center again, this time with Savanah, Zach, Andrew, and Ry. We had lots of laughs as we stood on the weather platform to be rained on, wind blown, and sun baked and morphed our faces to look like Mega Mind...which reminds me. The other day 2 of my boys were disagreeing about something and little Ry wraps his arms around them and pipes up, "Ladies, Ladies, you're both pretty." It was so funny to hear it from him at that moment!

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