Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun Family Time!

I spent a wonderful week in beautiful North Dakota with my amazing sister and her fun family.

They fed me delicious food!  Jen and Todd both cooked for me, and I ate the most delicious barbecued shrimp!  We dried tomatoes from their garden, which was packed with them.  We made guacamole, from 20 of the 60 avocados I brought in my carry on "purse".  Jen took me to Nicole's for a delicious hazelnut chocolate "cake/mousse" deliciousness!  And the Noodles and Co. coconut curry soup was amazing, too.  I'm pretty lucky I still fit into my clothes this week!

  I enjoyed getting to know my niece and nephews better.  They are cute, smart, and funny!  In contrast to me, they didn't eat very much this week, but I guess that's how one keeps the slim figure they all sport.  I loved participating in family scripture reading and their family prayers every day!
 On my last day in ND we drove out to Todd's work forest/ grove/ orchard/ garden/ farm...I don't know what to call it, except beautiful!  I enjoyed seeing the trees in alphabetical order, so many people don't organize THEIR trees in alphabetical order now a days.  After driving his new bobcat around for a few minutes, Todd gave us an exciting and bumpy quad tour of the orchard.  We got to taste test apples that taste like pears, more crab apples than one should probably taste in a day, and the most delicious black grapes that have ever been in my mouth!  At the end of this day we went to a delicious Indian food buffet and then ate one last Nicole's treat before my time in North Dakota came to an end.  I'll definitely be back...Dan said I could stay in his room (because I leave tips, just a suggestion for future visitors ;)).
Thanks Jen and family!  You are amazing hosts!  I felt right at home from the moment I walked in the door!  Because I came with an empty bag I really appreciate you letting me wear your clothes and supplying me with toiletries, you were so giving and wonderful!  Thank You!  I love you all!

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