Friday, July 25, 2008


Water melon growing from a spit out seed,
gotta love nature.
My broken water fountain.
We irrigated our lot today. Basically in the desert some houses flood their yards instead of sprinkling them. But all that water (and maybe the 105' heat) got me to thinking about how desperately we need water. Our bodies are mostly water, 85% right? And then I was think about how I need water for growing my watermelon plant and my flowers. Then, I remembered the drinking fountain was broken. It just stopped working this morning. So, we didn't have drinking water outside. And, being so handy (not really so handy) I disassembled it, and found out it wasn't really broken, the outlet was broken. Can you even see the outlet? The second picture shows it almost completely hidden in the middle of everything else. So, now it's all fixed (thanks to me-no handy man needed) and Zachary has ice cold water outside again. All of that added up to me thinking about the scriptures about Christ being the living water. In the photos I can see the reflection of the house and the play set in the water. I think if I drink of the living water, read the scriptures, pray, try to be like Christ, then Christ will see his reflection in me someday, or I'll see mine in him. Do you think that is true? Anyway, we all need water, whatever kind it is, drink deeply.

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