Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Friends, Great Fun!

The Barney's invited us to stay with them in their beach house (the kids say it looks like a Humvee),
right on the beach on the Sea of Cortez.
Because of the new moon the low tides were really low when we were there! Twenty vertical feet below high tide, it was amazing!Eli was coaxing a crab out of it's hiding place.
We visited the pools at the Mayan Palace, just up the beach.

The ocean life was amazing! We found out this is an endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle, very few are seen laying their eggs. We were super lucky!

We saw the sun rise just before 6am every morning, it was beautiful!
Zach was so happy here.
Best of friends & brothers!

The first morning dad & daughter headed out to swim a bit in the sea, it was nice and warm.

Zach called these big shells his shopping cart.
He loved shell shopping!

Ryon was exploring the clam holes,
with his finger?

There were more whole shells on this beach than I have ever seen on a beach.

I snapped a shot of Ryon and the kids on the beach through a window in the stair case.
The first morning Savanah was looking out at the water.

We didn't really use it, but I liked the colors in the sail.

We're home! What great friends! The Barney family invited us to their beach home to enjoy great food, beautiful weather, and lots of wild life that we just don't encounter here in Arizona, like a real blue whale that was about 9/10 eaten that washed up just down the beach from their house (It was huge!!!). And the sea turtle that swam in at high tide, laid 5 batches of eggs right in front of their house, and then made the long walk back just hours before low tide (that's when the kids found her), so cool! I wonder if they'll get to see the babies emerge from the holes some time in the next few months, that would be awesome! I was reminded why I thought I'd love to be a biologist or an oceanographer. I love nature, it's inspiring and so beautiful.

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Amy said...

How beautiful. Looks like a very fun trip. Sigh.....I NEED a vaca. I'll just stare at your pics and dream. He!