Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tackle Football Has Begun!

Practice from 6 - 8:30pm Monday through Thursday. Ten hours of conditioning, then CONTACT! Nathaniel is planning to hit someone hard enough to cause snought to come out of his nose, I guess the coach has promised a crisp $10 to anyone who can do it. My boys are the heaviest players on their teams, so I won't be the mom out there worrying my kid is going to literally get the snought knocked out of him.
My Andrew had his kindergarten check up today. Kindergarten has begun but we are still trying to figure out if the principle will let him start school, with his October birthday . He's ready, thanks to little mommy Savanah. She's gotten him perfectly ready to go, I really want to keep him home, but I also think it's the best thing for him to go to kindergarten a few hours a day, it's only 3 hours. But I'll sure miss him, and those big blue eyes! I've never missed a kindergartener before. I only have one child left that needs any vacinations before they turn 12 years old. Hurray!
Andrew at almost 2 years.Andrew at 4 years, still so sweet.

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Amy said...

He's SO cute. I can't believe he's ready for kindergarten. As for football...It was cut short. After conditioning and the draft and the first day of pads Sam tackled a boy and the boy landed wrong and made Sam's arm go the opposite way and he's OUT for the rest of the season. YUP, he has torn ligaments in his forearm and elbow. He's NOT happy. Hope you have better luck. I still can't believe how grown up Andrew is. Sigh..I guess were getting old.