Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life the Way I Like It - Plain

Last night's sunset was peaceful. I couldn't resist staying outside.
And since we were out there Nathaniel started a fire with his flint and steel.
And then obviously dropped drawer to play in the irrigation without getting clothes dirty, thanks boys, you really are so thoughtful!
I love seeing them be brothers! The planning, execution, and strategy and the love.
I really am plain Jane, and so Jeanette is pretty accurate. I love being outside. I've tried to decide if that's because I don't like being inside or if it's really the love of being outside. I like pruning my trees, irrigating the yard, swinging, feeding the chickens, adding chemicals to the pool, weeding the flower beds, planting things, and a lot of other outdoor activities like bike riding, and walking. Even when it's 118' I like to visit the outdoors regularly, it's not really as hot as it sounds. So, last night we had irrigation and the 4 youngest boys took everything off, except their skivvies, that was good right? I've been notified at times that my friends have driven by to see my boy children completely naked outside, oops! There must have been an explanation for that! Maybe someone else's children were in my yard, naked? That doesn't sound very likely, does it? I'll claim them.


Mommyyork said...

I love the underware pics!!! What a fun life the Frischs' have!!!

Noelle said...

You are so blessed to give your kids such great life lessons and opportunities. Still working on that for us!!!