Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ryon came through with flying colors. Although, half way through he had to make sure he wasn't getting set up...So, here' the tip (of my weirdness iceberg).

1. Over Active Tongue

I am always licking my teeth and lips, I didn't even realize it until I got braces, man I try to lick my teeth ALL the time but it's really out of the question with braces!

2. Super Hot Sleeping Body

I can't talk degrees but my body gets SO hot when I sleep, but I don't sweat.

3. I rarely sweat (even in the desert)

Ryon says I never sweat, but I know I have because I remember it feeling like spiders crawling down between...

4. I hate taking any medicine

I had my last 3 fillings in the dentists office with no pain killers, and have done natural child birth 6 times, so much better to just feel it and get it over with! All my pain has eventually gone away.

5. I never make a recipe the same way twice

I really have made a recipe the same way before, but it's really not possible to know when that is going to repeat itself:)

6. I don't like (hate) to spend time watching movies with people I love

It seems like such a waste of time!

7. I don't remember to carry my cell phone

I TAG... Lacy, Lillie, Joanna & Jen (even though you don't blog, e-mail me), Todd, Sarah Stiener, Terracita, and boy it becomes apparent how few blogger friends I have when I try to come up with 7 of them who I haven't tagged before! No hard feelings if you don't have time to answer!

BUT I look forward to hearing strange things about you too! Love, Jeanette

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