Friday, October 24, 2008

A Very Special Day for a Very Special Guy!

Happy 5th Birthday, Andrew!
Andrew chose the Indiana Jones music for you to listen to!

It wasn't even 9 o'clock in the morning when the boys had finished eating their waffles, and their cake and chocolate ice cream! Andrew's friends arrived right on time, at 7:30 AM. Andrew asked to have a waffle breakfast birthday party with his 2 best friends, Isaak and Wesley. They had a great time, eating waffles topped with peanut butter or syrup and chocolate pyramid birthday cake (Savanah was reminiscing last night about how I used to make great character cakes copying the super heroes on the boys underwear, you know like batman, and for Savanah I once did Magenta from Blues Clues- now a days I'm happy with a 4 layer pyramid:)), running frantically around the back yard (so fast that I couldn't get my camera to focus before they were completely out of the frame!!! Ahhh! I love digital & hate it!), shooting suction cup guns, and playing on the Wii, oh, and singing "Happy Birthday" to Andrew!

Andrew is my one child who didn't really want to come out of me. He was the one who the OB had to manually turn to be head down and then even after 15 hours of potocin and breaking the water, he still didn't want to come out. It was an excruciating natural labor, one I didn't think I could ever repeat, thankfully I never had to! But now that he is here, he is so dedicated, loving, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, fast, creative, and a great little guy to have around. He was hoping that as soon as he turned 5 he'd be headed off to school, but because of "policy" he'll be waiting until next August. I'm grateful for the next year with him, but he's a bit bummed!

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Nana from San Diego said...

Now that is one unique birthday party - 7:30am! Looks like it was alot of fun and probably great to have it in the cool (right?) of the morning. I can't believe Andrew is 5!