Thursday, October 16, 2008

Me Exercising, Again?!

Noun that acts as a VERB
So, I'm back at it, exercising that is. I took about a month (or so...) off. And during my reprieve, I figured out that I was completely starving myself so I didn't have any energy at all to work out, and now with about 500-1000 extra calories a day! I feel really good. Today I took a Pilates class. It was just O.K.! I normally love Pilates, but between the overweight older "gentleman" to my right who couldn't seem to stop loudly flatulating, and the young army general behind me who was constantly shouting out "yes mamme" and other military responses, the environment was a bit less relaxed than I have experienced before. The work out was great for me, lots of stretching that I really love, and exercises that made my muscles burn without feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. But best of all it's 2pm and I don't feel like dropping into a comma like nap. I think I can keep it up this time!