Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Fire Walker!

It may appear harmless! But after Zach and Ry both stuck some toes in the warm ashes, Andrew was coaxed into walking barefoot across the whole fire pit, mostly by the encouragement from his brothers.
The hot coals melted some spots on the bottom of Andrew's feet. OUCH!
Look at those eyes! What a look!
He really hurts, so I tried to relieve some of his pain with an aloe, ice water bath for his tootsies.
Even with the extreme pain he tried to put on a smiling face.The accomplices felt sorry for encouraging Andrew to walk across hot coals, and apologized on their own. And hopefully they learned some good lessons, that they can use "next" time. Andrew will definitely have to learn to deflect dares coming from an older brother and a younger one, it's so tempting for him to prove himself.
I was reminded of smashing Jen's toe under a head stone in the cemetary, like 25 years ago. Hopefully, I learned some life lessons from that experience, and hopefully your toes grew back properly! Sorry Jen! I hope my boys get along as well as we do when they grow up, even with all the inflicted scrapes and bruises (and knocked out teeth and burns).