Monday, October 13, 2008

SWEET! Potatoes, Good Bye Batman

Today I had so much fun. We (Zach, Nathaniel, Andrew, and I) dug up our garden, almost the whole garden was covered by one sweet potato plant.
The short wall at the bottom of the photo is covered in sweet potatoes! It was a treasure hunt right in our little garden!
So now, we are going to be making lots of sweet potato pies and mashed sweet potatoes, and sweet potato bread, and sweet potato pancakes, and if you live close to me and you want some fresh sweet potatoes, be sure to tell me tomorrow! The kids are so cute, they said, "so we took some trash (the sweet potato mother that was looking pretty trashy with leaves growing out all over the place) and put it in the ground and now we have a whole lot of food". The kids love to see nature in action!
Mom, here's the screen I was telling you about, I sprout wheat berries on it.
I've always told the kids we would never have pets. But last year Batman and Garfield adopted us. They've been really easy to take care of for the most part. They live outside, catch a lot of their own food, bunnies, mice, birds, snakes, and other creepy things. But Batman, the black cat, died some time when we were on vacation. He's never been fond of us vacationing. Once (a while back)he was stuck in the suburban for 3 days when we rented a Cruise America RV to go to Flagstaff. If you're thinking gross, that's what I was thinking too, but he lived through it! Our suburban was worse for wear!! No one would guarantee to be able to remove that smell! Ahhh! So, our fond farewells to our first real pet. Your brother Garfield will miss you a lot! And so will Savanah. Savanah said she'll miss Batman the most because when she was feeling sad and down, she'd go outside and sit in a chair, then Batman would come to her and purr and want her pet him. So she knew he loved her and was always willing to spend time with her. She will really miss him.
Which reminds me, we miss chicken Frisch, too. Our second real pets, 10 chickens, they have all died now, too, but we do have 13 replacement chickens, thanks to our great neighbor Alejandro! Mortality is so real. Life is an amazing blessing!