Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mourning the Demise of an Old Friend!

I am no doctor of camera technology but I think he is dying. I will miss him, he has been there in my pocket, in my purse, hanging on my wrist, during most family vacations, holidays, and funny happenings. I probably haven't always been so gentle to him, and his dented exterior shows many signs of wear (and quite possibly abuse). But he was loved and I will miss him terribly, and so will my blog...Good bye old friend. If I'm super duper nice to Savanah maybe she'll let me borrow hers until I save up for a new one. Any advice you have for me on a new camera will be highly appreciated! Do you like your camera (the exact brand and #'s behind that), pros and cons. Thanks!

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Lillie said...

Take the plunge Jeanette. It's not cheap... and I know the market isn't on our husband's side right now. But when you can. DO IT. Get an SLR. You'll never remember how you lived without it.