Friday, November 21, 2008


It's 8:48pm on Saturday night and Savanah is at a movie with a friend and Eli is at a friend's house watching a movie. The house is calm and quiet with just 4 little boys here to keep us company. Besides the occasional cup of ice water (it's the only way to drink it according to them), they are quite low maintenance and love to get a chance to watch tv with dad. We spent the afternoon at Nathaniel's tackle football team party. They handed out sweatshirts instead of trophies, one boy said, "I should move to Alaska now that I have a jacket!" (Arizona kids, don't even know what cold is!) The pool was heated at Coach Mike's house (thanks) so the kids swam like fish and ran until their legs hurt (does that ever happen when you're a little kid? I know it does when you're a mom!). Little Ry hung with his elbows on my thighs, just lifting his feet off the ground and hanging for minutes at a time it seemed. I couldn't possibly do that with 4 of my 6 kids any more. Ry's little hands still have some baby chubbiness to them, so cute! I want to spend more time at the kids practices next year, I only recognized like 5 parents even though it was the last party of the year. And I probably recognized even less of the players. So much to do, and trying to decide what is really THE most important is tricky! I may not juggle bowling pins, but I have a juggling act, none the less.

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your mom said...

It seems so funny to think of the kids getting grown-up so fast.
We would have to heat a pool to 180 degrees, like the missionaries did the baptismal font in order to be able to be outside in water right now.
Have a great day. Love, Mom