Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dare I admit it????

I started to read the book and was, well, bored to death!!! And I put it down and never picked it up again. And then the day, night really, before Thanksgiving Ryon's mom and dad came into town and his mom offered to take Savanah and me to the late movie. My knee jerk response was NO WAY, it's a PG-13 movie for my 12 year old, and then reality sunk in. She has read the whole series, who am I kidding? The books she is gobbling up 500 pages at a time have words like condom, and necking in them. She's probably not going to see anything worse on the big screen than she has imagined in her mind. So, we were off. And WOW! Let's just say that again, WOW! To all of you who had the whole consuming story in your mind while you were reading it, how fun...a true knight in shining armor, today... No wonder you were all calling your husbands Edward! Or hopelessly hoping he could be Edwardish! I'm tempted to pick up the book again, but it's Christmas time and I don't think I can really walk away from that kind of time, but that was about the best movie I have seen in years! And with no book to compare it to, it was perfect! Just like my Edward! (I didn't really write that, did I?) I mean my Ryon:)!

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